Time, Systems, and the Origins of… Whatever, man

I have no idea what systems theory is but if I was to guess, I would have to say that it has something to do with statistics with regards to the laws of cause and effect. Well, technically I believe that it is no longer a law but an outdated theory. You see, I read something recently relating to just this idea, but I can’t find it now. It had something to do with putting a drop of water on the exact center of a knife edge in order to predict which side it would fall off of, cause and effect would say it would be 50/50. Surprisingly, that was not the case and since I can’t seem to find the article you will just have to take my word for it, or not…

Lets just start with this; If you take time and loop it around so that the beginning laps up over the top like a spring and then tie threads from the first coil and loop them up the spring, all the way to the top, you get a model of not only the Jewish Calendar but the entire cosmos. Underneath it all there is a skeletal vibration that connects the whole of the Universe, both physical and ethereal, together into one system. This system also is a prime function of time as the Universe was created both with regards to time and the physicality of matter. Every Jewish Holiday lines up with the one that is exactly one Lunar year later, give or take a week or four, and just above it on the Cosmological springy calendar chupe-chicky.

Time is really radically relative when you think of it this way. In the Western world, we wait for the Earth to slowly make its way around the Sun so that on December 31 we can celebrate New Years Eve, (in secular Israel they call it St. Sylvester… go figure). It is just like looking at a time line on a graph. Well, it is really just a line. It has a beginning and we are somewhere on it, I guess. It starts at the life (birth or death I think) of the rather major character in the Christian Bible called Jesus. Each point along this line are a separate place in time and in space. The Jewish Holidays, on the other hand, are all spread out on the calendar described above and each and every holiday is connected in space and in time. This enables us to grow from year to year and to build ourselves as we climb the spiral heights of the Cosmological springy calendar chupe-chicky.

Ok, what the heck am I talking about… like I am some kind of a theologian or scientist or something. I make art out of the things that I find. Technically I am really a manipulator of things that have already been created as we all are… Ain Hadash Tachat Ha’Shemesh (There is nothing new under the Sun), quote by King Solomon. So, the next time you think of something to manipulate, ask yourself one thing; what is the meaning of it all anyways? If that is too big a question then maybe try; how can I be a better person by manipulating this thing in my life? Just think, the whole world is ready for us to really radically see in a way that is relative to everything in the whole chup-chicky time spring thingy. Wow, that’s deep,

Whatever, man…

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