Cowboy Up, Butthead!

Showing up for work a few weeks ago on Yom Rishon (day one or Sunday) was going to be a bad idea… so I didn’t. I called in sick and really, I was sick (mostly sick and tired though). You see, it was hot and muggy, I had had a particularly hard re-entry back to my life here in Israel, and we were slated to start to transfer tons of rat, cat, and scorpion infested exotic lumber that had been stored in the basement workshop, up the hill, around the building, and into a storage loft that was too short to stand up in. My stomach hurt so I called in sick.

On Yom Sheni (day two or Monday) I had hoped that they would be almost, if not totally, finished and upon arriving in the morning I found that… they waited for me. So, by the end of that week I was dirty, bruised, bleeding, sore, tired, frustrated, and really quite upset about the whole deal. It was time to get those doggies rolling and move on. I was ready to call it quits that day; however I spoke to a few friends and found that I just needed to get the ball rolling as far as the future. So that being, not necessarily said but, thought I got back to cleaning 50 years of crap up so that we could start to paint.

Somebody brought out some paint clothes and I noticed a little logo on one of the hats. When I looked closer, it was a picture of a little funny looking guy with really big cheeks and a cowboy hat on. The caption under the picture said… you guessed it; cowboy up, butthead. The German Christians had no idea what it was or what it said and were quite embarrassed about it after I told them. No one wore it after that and the last I saw, it was still sitting on the floor in a pile of other stuff.

All said and done, I think that the hat must have really been meant for me. It seamed that it was about time for me to cowboy up and stop farting around. I need to get my life going here in the Promised Land. So now that I am back to work as normal as it could possibly be here at the German, Zionist Christian, Gas Mask Making, Israeli Kibbutz, I am now moving in the general direction of something all together different…

So, cowboy up… butthead…
And Shavua tov too!

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