Happy Dwell in Booths under the Clouds of Glory Day!

Sukkot is upon us. I haven’t had time to reflect properly for a real blog, so I am just going to give a synopsis... type blog.

Sukkot is about unity. We can all learn from each other how to be together as One by being really good listeners. We all want to tell our story and the best way to do that is to listen. When we listen to others, we are allowing their story to meld into our own story, ultimately becoming One. This season of joyousness, when we are all dwelling in our funny little booths, remember that there are some that may not have an actual Sukka to dwell in. Remember those that have not experienced dwelling in a Sukka and invite them in; and if not into the Sukka itself, then into the Sukka of your hearts!

A Sukka is a place where the Devine Shchinah descends down upon our heads, like the clouds of glory did for the Israelites in the dessert. It is a blessing and a mitzvah to dwell, as One, with the Crown of Glory resting upon and within us. It is possible to observe that, with the insanity pervading the world today, all of humanity could use a break. This Sukkot, enjoy each other’s company, enjoy the Devine Presence floating above us, and most of all enjoy each other, as we listen to each other’s hearts cling to Hashem and tell our stories. With the Devine Shchinah floating above us all, each and every one of us is sharing dwell time in the Cosmic Sukka of Life. This Holy-day season, I am going to try to embrace the peace and harmony of us all floating on a funny little ball in space surrounded by the Shchinah, like cinnamon spice wafting on the periphery of our minds, and share every last detail of our unique and beautiful stories with each other.
With all my heart: Chag sumeach le kulam!

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