Settling in

Not much to report today. Had a great couple of runs on the skate ramp after work last night, cleaned the house this morning for Shabbat, did some work on the adventure/sci-fi book i am writing (teaser text below), and today will meet some friends for afternoon tea and crumpets, go to Shule, maybe go surfing tommorow, and that is about it.

Shabbat Shalom kulam, and enjoy the text...

"The room went silent which, when the loud crash from behind Dudoo occurred, made everyone jump and look towards the direction of the noise. Fran was there, in the room, and had heard and seen everything. She was creeping towards the group when she knocked over a pile of bow-staffs and some other martial arts equipment that had been leaning against the wall in the dark of the entrance. She stepped into the room, with eyes gleaming red, and began to smile… no, more like grin and as this grin spread across her pointed face, it seemed to continue into a gaping sharp toothed grimace as her face began to stretch and to change. She was growing in height and in size. Her jaws began to extend and shake violently. Her yellow teeth exposed themselves, as her lips retracted over them, and began to elongate into sharp little knives. Her eyes bulged and then sunk within her skull, which was sprouting thick, matted hair. As her blouse ripped open, her exposed chest and stomach also became covered with hair. She stood on her hind legs, still shaking and shivering and then, with her claws dangling relaxed at her sides, and with the same gleaming, toothy grin that her face had grown, she drooled onto the stone floor, studying us all through black beady eyes."

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