How Strange, another One...

How strange... Growing up in a secular, Episcopalian home, I always wondered when I would stop thinking about this time of year... you know, family... as a kid, waiting for the Big Labowsky in a red suit to squeeze down the chimney and deliver all sorts of goodies, some desired and some dreaded. I have been running for 25 years to get away from that, all the while secretly desiring the closeness that I remember in my family. Dad loved it. Grandma came. Mom was beside herself. Grandma came. Uncle came. He is only five years older than I am. I always liked that... I work at a Christian Zionist Kibutznikeem Factory run by Germans that don’t really celebrate Christmas because they are Mennonites... I think. I asked my work mate in Graphics about it and he wouldn’t part with anything juicy to post here. When I was in Sales at the same factory, I asked my coworker about it and he wouldn’t part with anything either. When I was working in the Woodshop at the same factory, no one would part with anything either, either... I guess it is all for the best; you know, to prevent me from uttering Lashon Hara (Evil Speak), the fastest way to descend into a living Energizer Bunny variety of Hell.

I don’t really know if I am ready to explore this topic yet. It is really buried deep and connects to so many complex issues. Issues like identity, guilt, faith, life, death, and sickness, mental and otherwise...

Let’s just call this a ‘Mini-post’ and leave it at that... besides... I am going to get a few beers with my bud now, so...

Astalavista baby! Shabbat Shalom!!

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