Radiator for the Mind

In the heavens above, not in the fabled heavens but in the heavens that are described by our sages as the worlds above, there was once a place where the water gathered into petty and jealous pools of rivalries. The Master of the Universe had to separate these pools by putting a five hundred mile thick barrier or a firmament between them. Wait… I think I need to back up, you see, the water isn’t really just ordinary water; it is a viscous and vaporous condensation of spiritually incandescent and pearlescent… water. This is not only the water of life but the water of everything else as well. Talk about the fountain of youth! Water…I am getting thirsty… for something wet and watery… water…

Ok, back to reality. You see, this story is really about how our minds work. It started with water because this is the substance that leaves our body when we activate its spiritual thermometer by engaging in acrobatic mind maneuvering. This water isn’t the normal water but it is also the same viscous and vaporous condensation of spiritually incandescent and pearlescent… water from the heavens above. Well, maybe I need to back up some more…

You see, our nephesh (our soul and energy source) heats up when it supplies the motor (our minds) with power to run. As our minds turn at ever increasing speeds to follow leads from life and the big plan in an attempt to close the gap between the heavens above and ourselves we get hot. Not hot in the physical sense, although that is also effected, but hot in a spiritual sense. This water needs a release valve as it heats to temperatures beyond our ability to measure. We need a radiator to kick in. we need something to drain the excess fluids from our minds or our motors.

History has shown us that this is accomplished with following God’s commandments. The Torah gives us a release valve and it describes to us how to manifest this release valve in our lives, but this is not all. It also tells us to grow the hair on the four corners of our head. What? Maybe we are all just block heads after all! One thing I do know is that two of these corners are on the chin and that means a beard. Oohhh, now I get it! A beard is a radiator! When we start to rev up that engine (our minds) we need a radiator (our beards) to let the excess water drain and vaporize back into the heavens above! Phew!!! Now I am feeling hot… and my beard you ask? If you didn’t know it was gone… Its back!

So, the next time you see the morning dew, a hail storm, or the most amazing sunset ever, think about the water… not the regular stuff that is inside and on the surface of all of creation, but the viscous and vaporous condensation of spiritually incandescent and pearlescent… water… that was paternally separated by The Master of the Universe way back in the beginning of time.

Shavua tov kulam!

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