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Friday, March 14, 2008


- Bones in the Grass -
Nomed hated when the sound of his bare feet, click-clacking and scratching on the stone floor, echoed down the empty halls of the palace. He only wished that there was something to permanently cover, even if just with an illusion, the hideous appendages that clung below his knees. The doctors and scientists he had paid, bribed, and coerced to do his bidding had accomplished nothing. All but one were now dead, to insure that the secret was kept. Boots, black and shiny and ending just below the back of the knee, were the only thing that could fool the commoners into believing that these deformities were really not there at all. The boots would have to continue to do the job, even though they were the most uncomfortable thing about being the leader.

When he was just a child, Nomed was raised by a loving Mother that cherished and spoiled him. She was always there for him, even when his Father raged out of control at the mere sight of… his different-ness. His Mother had always said that he was special. She caressed his bruises, while telling him stories of great men that were always a little different from the regular people. His Father also taught him. He learned from his Father that pain and suffering can also lead to greatness. He learned how he could withstand tremendous perils to the body and to the mind. He would go to a place, a secret place, which only he had the key to. The horrors around him were only on the outside with his Father and the teaching tools of the day. On the inside, in his secret place, he could run and hide, savoring in the knowledge that he was a great man, a man that was not like the others, only ordinary and normal. He was special. He was destined to be the leader of the others, their ruler.

When his Father died, Nomed was on the eve of becoming a man. This only served to harden his belief that he was destined for greatness. He was then left with his Father’s pension, a doting Mother, and the time and freedom to explore his abilities. He spent leisurely hours indulged by his Mother and strolling around the small village where he had been born and raised. At first, he was met by the common people with fear and loathing, but in time he learned that he could control the minds of the common people with only his words. With practice, he had eventually learned to control and influence most of them into a frenzy of uncontrolled rage and pure hatred. He could influence the masses to throng around anything he wished and act without thought to the consequences. Nomed was not subhuman like his Father, who in drunken rages had insisted regularly and to anyone that would listen. Nomed was more then a man. He was almost a god. And there was only one thing stopping him from becoming a god. It was the deformity, the curse. Nomed had to keep it a secret, at all costs, or he would lose everything he had gained through years of careful planning, grueling labor, unjust imprisonment, and a childhood full of pain and torment.

That little revelation by a small and isolated group of cancerous seers didn’t go unpunished. The people responsible suffered and not just the few but the whole of their people. Somehow they knew of Nomed’s… special-ness. They knew that he was different and the leaders of their motley gathering places were able to tell, somehow, that Nomed was really created from a different mold then the rest of humanity. They knew, even before seeing him, that he was still an unfinished creation, a work in progress. Nomed, The Leader, the real master of the physical universe, would complete the job that was, regrettably, left undone.

If it wasn’t for all the troublesome creatures that were drawn to Nomed, the job would have been finished long ago. Those few, specific… females of the human species wanted to trap him, to keep him for there own. They fought over him and committed themselves to his whims, his wonderings in the world of substance. He was seduced by them and all it brought them was death; and by their own hand. They could never have understood the depth of his knowledge, his awareness. Nomed was no human, to be toyed with and controlled. He was… almost… a god. When the last of the truly rapt of them all won out over the others, she too served her purpose and in the end, she too would die. In the end, they would all die.

His doctor tried to right the wrong that had been done to Nomed. The Doctor gave him organic compounds, metallic compounds, and combinations of medicine and magic to try to complete Nomed. He was destined to greatness and the doctor saw this and wanted to ride to glory with him. The doctor searched for the exact potion to do the job, but it was to no avail. Nomed was made unfinished and would remain that way it seemed, until that one day towards the end of the war between the innocent and the unknowing. They all played their game in ignorance of the real war, the war to come, and the war of all wars. And the Doctor thought that he would ride the tide into the next century on the bulbous back of the unfinished creature, Nomed.

The fire was intense. It engulfed everything in the spacious underground lair. Above ground, the tanks and military apparatus battled for what was left of the empire. The side of the unknowing was to be decimated. The side of the innocents would also suffer and in the end, fail. Only Nomed would know of the truth of what had occurred. His generals would run and hide; some would be caught and punished for following Nomed and for wanting to be… Nomed. The lair would be utterly burnt and no one would know of Nomed’s deceit, of Nomed’s rise to power in another time and place. The doctor would serve his purpose; dressed with boots and burnt, along with the last soulless human female that selfishly clung to Nomed.

In the end, Nomed would be completed. Nomed would do the job himself. Nomed was more then a man. Nomed was a god. Nomed… NOMED… nomeD… N-O-M-E-D… d-e-m-o-n… demon… The true battle was yet to occur; when Nomed was whole. Now there was only fire, pain, retching, blistering, rage, control, seduction, death, emptiness, Amalek.

A short story by D. Noll © all rights reserved

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Inside the Mind of G*D

A couple of blogs ago I put a reference to the Hebrew phrase, mazaltov, right smack in the middle of it and then just left it as a question. The question had something to do with how it’s translation to ‘constellation’ or ‘luck’ wasn’t really very accurate or even a Jewish idea. Well, my friend Louis helped me understand this one a little bit. Here is a link that he sent me as well that actually starts with a similar question;
Mozal Tov???
So, now I think I got it a little more figured out. To make it a little simpler, think of the number 3. You see, with three legs a table will stand up. It doesn’t need 4 and it won’t work with only 2. A table is a great analogy because it can stand for so many things. A table is a place where just about everything takes place. A dinning table is where we nourish ourselves both from the physical and the spiritual standpoints. A desk is a table where we get our work done, or in my case, a workbench as well. So I think you get the idea…

Let’s call the table top the place where everything happens. Then the legs can be considered the supports of all that is happening on that table top. What kind of legs can we give the table? There are many ideas about the legs of the table in Judaism however, lets stick with tefillah (prayer), mitzvote (good deeds/commandments), and you guessed it… mazal (drip of soul from above?).

So how does that work you ask? Well, I think we need to explore a different idea first. Something else I learned is that everything in the physical world is really just an illusion. You would think it was the other way around wouldn’t you? You know, everything in the illusive world is an illusion. Really all the physical stuff that surrounds us is made of light or energy. Physicists now are confirming this with their experiments into the building blocks of life. If you break down an atom into its most basic element you are left with just energy and since all things are made of molecules and all molecules are made of atoms and all atoms are made of energy then it would be safe to say that all things are made of energy, you know, if A=B and B=C then A=C, or something like that.

Now that it is settled that all matter is really energy (sounds like The Matrix, doesn’t it?), this begs the question, what is all that energy for? In The Matrix it was to deceive the human race into living normal lives while there was really a sinister plot going on to use their bodies for, you guessed it, energy. In our world, maybe it isn’t such a sinister plot, however based on what we now know, energy is definitely involved.

Think about this one…

What if we are all really just living inside the mind of G-D? What if we are all just organisms such as anti-bodies and cancer-cells, floating around inside our known universe and acting, either according to, or against the grand plan. Visualize this; a cancer cell will latch onto existing healthy cells and create havoc. Anti-bodies will race to the rescue to try and right the situation, sometimes helping and sometimes adding to the problem. All these cells seem to have free will to either act according to the plan or against it. Have you heard the expression, “everything is G-D”? Or… what about the expression, “G-D is everywhere”? If we are really the anti-bodies and viruses inside a cosmic body then maybe we are really just inside the mind of G-D after all.

If this is the case, then it would be safe to assume that mazal would really just be the closest thing to the cosmic bodies nervous system, kind of like when the characters from the Matrix would just get sucked into the telephone lines and end up back in the real (illusive) world. We have already shown that we are talking about the real energy in the physical world and not the willy-nilly stuff in fairytales right? And that being so, this energy is acting according to some grand plan (Physics 101) and that we play a part in the plan with free will. And just for fun, Louis also gave me a great analogy about how our computers all have an I.P. address and that this address is unique to each computer and that enables, for instance, the computer that my Uncle Bob is working on in California to send a message to my computer half way around the planet and it doesn’t even take the same path every time. It will follow the path of least resistance. The cool thing about this analogy is that this whole system is operating from light and energy, just like, we now know, the illusive world (code for real world) uses.

Get it?... Let me know if you do, I am still working on it.

Shavua tov kulam…