The Glue that Binds Us and the Land of the Lost

As a seeker of truth, I have spent probably too much time learning as much as I can about how the world works. Subjects such as archeology, anthropology, history, religion, culture, social movements, politics, philosophy, physics, sociology and on and on, just to try and understand the universe and its inner workings. All this has led me to an understanding that, ultimately, each individual when operating on his own and by him/herself, is doomed to be lost.

What is ‘lost’? ‘Lost’ means alone, afraid, and without recourse for changing the circumstances. ‘Lost’ is a way of being without a plan and without any direction. I often feel lost in the world, which, if you look around seems pretty normal for everyone… So why is it that when someone speaks out with a plan, we seem to trust what they say? Maybe we all sense that we are lost too and just want someone to give us directions. Don’t you wish there was some kind of spiritual map-quest? We could plug in our coordinates and pick a destination and, chik-chak, we are there!

Hmmm... I guess then we wouldn’t really have to make any real decisions. Part of the process seems to be having to rely on each other. I have been getting the sense that everything is connected somehow—like cause and effect that ripples through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual environments. When I yell at my neighbor for being a real (&%^*), that act reverberates through not only every person that is in his life and mine, but every person that witnessed the event in someway and everyone in their lives as well. The ripple just moves out from there. Based on the law of averages, my poor behavior has the ability to directly affect every single human being on the planet, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in some way. Most likely, this extends to animals, plants, earth, and air as well...

We go about our lives like everything we do is our business, like we are justified in our actions and reactions. I wonder if we would do the same thing if we could see the reverberations spreading out from our words and going on and on until we see them reverberating back at us from all sides, like rings in a pond. I believe that maybe, if we pay attention, we can see the pond rings chopping up the calm of our souls. I think that I should start visualizing the pond rings as they chop through the universe. Maybe then I could catch myself in time and hold my tongue when all I want to do is kill with it.

Author Douglas Adams once said, “Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”

The glue that binds us is all around us, all the time. All we need to do is add the catalyst for perfect, everlasting peace for everyone.

Can I get an Amen...?

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