Today started off just about normally. I got up, had some coffee, got into a fight with my wife, kissed and made up, said goodbye to the family and walked to work. Once I got there, all seemed to be normal. Everyone was busy with assorted tasks like moving the latest order of filters, taking out the garbage from the maafiah (bakery) where they make incredible bread and cakes, and talking about who knows what since most of the communication is all in German amongst the members of Beit El. Then, towards the end of the day my coworker Gideon ran down stairs to say, “meshewho po bishvilcha” (someone is here for you). I ran up the stairs and… AQUARIUS WOMAN!!! Oh no. now she is going to rattle on and on about who knows what. I did a quick one two on her to try to get her to leave my workplace but she would not budge. She wanted to be reassured about the dog. She wanted to make sure that we still called him… shoot, I already forgot the name that some little girl gave him the week that he was in the Caesarea coffee shop. In the end (at least that is what I thought), she gave me a pill for worms to give to the dog (after he eats), and I left to go back to work. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her walk over to Gideon, who was working on one of the CNC machines and thought nothing more of it. Bad idea. About a half an hour later another coworker, Phillip came down the stairs and said that something very interesting was happening upstairs. A woman was struggling to communicate something to Gideon in Broken Hebrew and English. Aye Ya Yaey! I go upstairs and Gideon and Yochanan (my boss) are engaged in some kind of conversation with her. About 45 minutes has gone by now and I find that I need to translate to them what she wants. I am thinking, wait a second, what is going on here. The people at Beit El are so nice that they will just listen for as long as it takes to this woman. She is meshugaah! (Crazy).What is the deal here. Luckily she didn’t understand Hebrew to well (she has only been living in a Hebrew speaking country for about 20 years) and I was able to quickly give some advice on how to get rid of her. Oy Vey! I can see that at some point this may need to come down to some chutzpah on my part. Maybe lesson 2 on how to be an Israeli. Neereh!


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