Shabbat Shalom!

Well, today was an interesting day. Come to think of it, so was yesterday. At the factory everyone was running around like chickens without heads. I think a lot was getting done but since I live in my own little bubble mostly (language barrier thing), it was hard to tell. One of the large air compressors wasn’t working properly and the big CNC machine kept coming to a grinding halt and blowing steam form somewhere in its guts. The guy that was working it at the time kept trying to find my boss and seemed to be having as much trouble with this as I was (he even spoke German). Every time we did find the boss he was always out of breath from some other apparent emergency. Reminds me of the days when I ran my own business and had a real bad day. Eventually the compressor started to work and I went home for the weekend.

Well, not really a weekend. I got up early this morning to take the dog for a walk on my way to building a cool little micro skateboard ramp at my friend Elan’s house. We have been working on it for a few Fridays now and it is looking awesome! While we were working on it a skateboarding Yeshiva student (Moshe) came to help out a bit while Elan went to the end of the year celebration for his son’s school. Elan was gone all of five minutes when I tried to use the chop saw and it didn’t work. As I was pondering this, Moshe says to Dude (the dog) don’t eat that and goes running over to grab the live extension cord chew toy out of his mouth! Too late. He had already chomped into the wires and shorted it out.

In Israel there are safety breakers installed because the houses all run on 220 power. The system sensed a reduction in unaccounted for voltage and it threw the breaker (I am glad it worked this time). I had to call Elan to find out where his electrical box was and turn the power to the house back on. When I came back out I moved Dude under the Olive tree and away from my tools. I turned around to start to work again and in less then one minute he had dug a hole, found an irrigation line, bit it and made a fun little fountain that shot all over Dude, the Olive tree, and some of my tools (at least it missed the ramp). Moshe and I went running around to try to find the water shut off and eventually finding it, we turned it off. So now I move Dude to a new spot. I put him in the shade in the backyard where there is some nice grass for him to lay on and then walk away. About ten steps later he starts barking. Now I am getting a bit hot under the collar (actually I am hot all over and sweating in the Sun on Yom Shishi, day 6 or Friday, 90 degree and 60% humidity, AAHHH!). OK… enough of my little tantrum… for now.

Ten steps later the dog starts barking and I go back to resolve his troubles and low and behold, there is an irate mother Cat stuck on his face. Its kittens were in a drain pipe just behind the bushes nearby and Elan has been trying to get rid of them for a while now. In the end, the dog was OK, the ramp was a little further along, and just maybe, we got rid of the family of feral cats in Elans back yard.

Shabbat Shalom!

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