Tower of Babel

Hi everyone, I completed my first week of work and really like it. It feels so good to be making sawdust again. I think that I just love to do it. it is so much in my spirit or being or whatever. after having a little break, just over a year now!, I realize that just thinking about how to get the most out of the wood or being as efficient as possible, stupid little things like that are so much a part of me. I guess i was meant to be a carpenter, at least for now... my job is in a little woodshop at the German factory. the name or the factory, (actually i think the whole community) is Beth El (house of G-D). it is made up of Christians from Germany that in the late 60's started to move to Zichron and Benyamina because of a prophecy from a woman (i forgot her name) that "in the coming Apocalypse" this area would be spared. don't quote me because I don't really know. the community is structured as a Kibbutz and there are now many members now coming from Canada and the U.S. They hire people from Israel to work for them occasionally and i have met some Local grown Israelis and also Russians. a few people speak English but mostly we all have to communicate in Hebrew. The Germans speak German amongst themselves. The intercom is always spouting German, and all of the tooling is in German. It makes it fun when a guy like me, a native English speaker, has to work on the CNC machine which is all labeled and programed in German, and the use of which is all explained in Hebrew! It feels like the tower of Babel!
It is a wild time to be living, much less in the center of the Universe. Hope to see you here soon...Love to you all, Drew.

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