Hey Dude!

It looks like we are bringing a little SoCal culture to HaAretz. We got a new dog, well, not really a new dog. He was an abandoned dog that we think is about 7 months old. I guess we are also doing a bit of ‘taming’ of the wild things here. He was living in Caesarea next to a coffee shop and someone I now call Aquarius Woman took him in and Dude lived with her for about a week, which was long enough for her to become so attached to the dog that she, in the end almost didn’t give him away. Aquarius Woman was an older lady from England or South Africa (couldn’t place her accent), had long grey/blond hair and a tie-dye beach dress on. As it turned out she was a cat lady also. She takes in lost animals and there are a lot of them here, so you can imagine. Adele had found the dog from an add on the five towns list but after about two conversations with Aquarius Woman she couldn’t take it any more and left the dirty work of schmoozing her out of the dog to me. I guess being a nice guy can pay off sometimes. Aquarius Woman wanted to make sure that we were the kind of family that she thought would be good to adopt the dog, (sound like Boulder a bit?) and she also wanted us to keep the name that a little girl gave him, Junie. He seems to respond to Dudie so maybe that will work. He is a great dog and actually looks a lot like Cody did. Neereh! So far we can’t really leave him home by himself. Now he even sounds like Cody. Remember, I had to tow Cody in the bike trailer to work so he wouldn’t tear down the fence in the thunder? Yikes… I guess faith can have a little package or a big one. In the end it is all how we assimilate our surroundings and spin it out with a positive outlook. Dude is going to be great! Hey… what are you chewing on! Get that shoe out of your mouth! Dudie, Junie, what ever your name is… come here! Bo!... Hey Dude!!!

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