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God's Missing Arm

I finished it. It started as fecund air seeping under the door of my mind, and it grew. The air inside it held it up from the earth and floated the whole thing skyward, past the atmospheric event horizon and beyond. The world I had known was only a memory, and what I found myself staring at was the glass that bent the light from above. I'm not kidding. If we understand that we are beings that exist in time, then we know that the world we envision to our right and left is only an illusion. Our world really exists in the fourth dimension, in time. Wait … not really in time, but … that the world we can see and understand is represented by what we 'call' time, here, in our little corner of this vast, vast universe. Funny enough, I found myself staring at a fish. Then I noticed a bull barreling in from above. A pitcher, not of baseball … but of water, urging itself up into my frame of vision, the whole time being acutely aware that something was aiming an arrow at my heart, pi