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Chaos Came First

Going back a ways, all the way back to my hacksaw wielding confrontation in the driveway, I learned a thing or two about the possibility of spending the night in jail… It had been brewing for years, it seems, when I finally had had enough of it. Remember one of the last blog-posts I wrote, the one where I took off my kippah? Well, Hashem sent me another message (loud and clear) to put it back on. It happened, realizing after the fact, since I had been behaving like a baboon, all knuckle dragging and swanking around…  Was I really behaving like a baboon…? oy. I slapped my kippah back on my head the next day, fortunately after waking up in my own bed and not the local Israeli stockade for juvenile baboons in disguise. The other guy said that I tried to cut him with a sharp metal tool of some sort; well, I did have a hacksaw in my hand when he so eloquently barreled down the driveway at me. I even raised it in the air as my arms went up in a failed attempt to get him to slow down and


'Outside' DTNoll  2-13 דורנול Like ants we are building, always distracted and moving Our mission is plain, but the world's soul yearns We listen and hear, and then we forget We build over our ruin, and we plot our own lives Life continues to wait, patiently smiling Waiting on us, to live once we've rested We're so very tired, our exertions self-evident Reaching for stars, we miss all the sparks We scuffle our feet, to cover our tracks Pretending to not notice, that we are asleep We sleep and we sleep, while the soul of the world waits She patiently waits, to be pushed on the swing


"Secret" Pastel on Paper; March 2013 D.T. Noll – דורונול The end of six, the queen escorts sunshine Gliding above waters, far above all We wait in wonder, with a bit of terror For the light to enter, the light of the world Deep in its soul, the planet is breathing Whispering secrets to us and beyond The noise has stopped… subtly piercing The eyes of the world have mystically closed With tender embrace, we smile with our lover With a hug and a shrug, we know what became Our world is alight, for the first time in six A smiling white light, as it glints from our soul