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Numbers 6 to 49 on My To Do List

I decided that my 50 th year on the planet in this particular incarnation of mine is going to be the best year ever. Number 49 seemed to be a really bad one, as bad years go for me, so I am going to get back up and do it higher than ever. The first thing I did was to shave off my white beard, leaving a ridiculous looking mustache (yeah, I'm smiling right now). Now maybe I am going to take after one of my childhood heroes, the Danish vagabond Eiler Larsen, or more commonly known as the Laguna Beach Greeter. He was always waving and smiling at people, even people he didn't even know! I heard a tale recently about how Yochanan ben Zakai, the leader of the Jewish people during and after the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, would also go out of his way to say hello to passersby, even before they could say hello to him. What an amazing thing to do! Speaking of the dastardly number 49… that is also the level that the Jewish people sunk to in Egypt, before t