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Dark Trip

Dark Trip © Noll - July, 2016 Arriving at a spot with a view, I found a scar ripped out from a slide of mud unleashed from the cliff above. It had rolled down towards the beach below. It had occurred, evidently caused by the storm someday before. The entire area was cordoned off with hazard tape that had been placed at the moment of my arrival. I stood with others gawking from within the safe-zone behind the tape winnowing the morning breeze. I couldn’t get close enough to even see how far I had made it up the cliff face, or to find where my feet had imprinted into the mud, leaving my signature stamping ego into a new path up the hill. I couldn’t even look for my flip-flop sandals that had swam down into the earth the night before—maybe this was all just a dream—I thought to myself, as I rolled away on my skateboard. In the end, or so I concluded, it must all have just been another dark trip to brighten the edges. It was a dark night, in more ways than one. We agreed together that we w