Have you heard the one about…?

Well, it is not exactly the same, but we seem to be living the joke about how a guy is unable to sleep at night (metaphor of restlessness), and he goes to the town Rabbi and asks him what to do about the leak in the roof, the squeak in the floor, and the drip in the sink. In our case, the Rabbi says, “leave everything comfortable that you know and move to the Middle East. After you get there you need to get a rabbit and build it a hutch. But not just any hutch, you need a hutch that keeps the rain and the sun out. It won’t matter if the rabbit droppings end up everywhere, just as long as the hutch is big enough to make your wife cringe and at times fume. When that is done you need to get a dog, but not just any dog, you need to get a dog that was abandoned and rescued off the street. You need to get a dog that challenges not only you but also your wife. You need a dog that sheds black hair everywhere, a dog that barks and growls at every dog and cat that you pass. You need to get a dog that needs lots of training. When that is accomplished, you need chickens. Now mind you, not just any chickens but ones that make noise and smell and demand care in return for maybe a measly egg or two a day.”

So far we have made it to the dog. I haven’t noticed the leak in the roof for a while now. The floors never did squeak because they are all tile and stone here. All the sinks and toilets are leaking, no matter how many times I replace the silly little washer things inside, but I don’t really care so much about all that. We have a rabbit and a dog and we live in the Middle East. We don’t actually have chickens yet but my wife keeps threatening.

In the end of the real joke, the guy goes back to the Rabbi and says that he still can’t sleep at night. All the animals make so much noise and it is really terrible. The Rabbi says to the man, “ok, get rid of all the animals.”

The guy does as he is told and immediately he feels so wonderful. The leaks and squeaks and drips all lull him to a sound sleep every night. He is truly fulfilled and happy.

Wait a second; I am already fulfilled and happy! Maybe I will stop with the rabbit and the dog and just forget the chickens, at least for now…

Always count your blessings, every minute should be cherished, and never count your chickens before they have hatched!

Shavua Tov Kulam.

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