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Happy Dwell in Booths under the Clouds of Glory Day!

Sukkot is upon us. I haven’t had time to reflect properly for a real blog, so I am just going to give a synopsis... type blog. Sukkot is about unity. We can all learn from each other how to be together as One by being really good listeners. We all want to tell our story and the best way to do that is to listen. When we listen to others, we are allowing their story to meld into our own story, ultimately becoming One. This season of joyousness, when we are all dwelling in our funny little booths, remember that there are some that may not have an actual Sukka to dwell in. Remember those that have not experienced dwelling in a Sukka and invite them in; and if not into the Sukka itself, then into the Sukka of your hearts! A Sukka is a place where the Devine Shchinah descends down upon our heads, like the clouds of glory did for the Israelites in the dessert. It is a blessing and a mitzvah to dwell, as One, with the Crown of Glory resting upon and within us. It is possible to observe that, w

Peace and the Yom Kippur War

In 1973, in the days leading up to the tragic Yom Kippur War in Israel, I was in California, just entering the 4th grade. A transition occurred for the students between 3rd and 4th grades when we all moved from the lower grade teachers to the upper grade teachers. Since the students were separated into two distinct groups, I went from being the big man on campus, to the small one. I remember it being a little scary, as the 6th graders roved the campus looking for a little newbie to pick on. This was paramount in my mind, as you can imagine, but I also have a vague memory of my dad watching the news in the evening and wondering out-loud about the Middle East and its chaotic state. I don’t remember what he said, as much as the feeling that he exuded into the atmosphere. He was at a loss as to why the world was like it was. It just didn’t make any sense. I mean, even today it doesn’t seem to make any sense and the world is still enmeshed, smack in the middle of the chaos of the Middle Eas

The Reflection in the Window and the Last Blast of the Shofar

Daylight savings time is getting close for us in Israel. The time is due to change this coming Sunday at 1:00 am (remember, spring forward—fall back). I just read about a movement that is trying to stop the times from shifting back and forth every year. They say that changing the times back and forth costs money and creates road accidents unnecessarily. I am sure there is truth to this; however, I just can’t get over the idea that what they really want is related to making it harder for people to fast on Yom Kippur. I know, that is a bit of a leap forward (or fall backwards, depending on your viewpoint), so let me explain. You see, the Rabbinate purposely designated the time change to align with the Yom Kippur fast, so that the Jews living in Israel would have a reprieve with nightfall coming an hour earlier. This makes it easier for people that may not be inclined to fast, people with poor health that want to fast, and in general, makes it easier for all of us fasters. Of course that