Paper Plane

The glee in her eyes told the story from the beginning to its end.

Well, except the part where we all jumped into the air screaming…

My young student stood at the back corner of the room, eyebrows pursed in concentration.

She inched her way forward, begging my attention, with a paper plane she had folded; also begging…

So, I agreed. She could throw it in one direction only, towards the garbage can in the opposite corner.

She grinned before our lesson, and I knew she would try it.

I breathed in as it flew, around one student, then another.

It arced to and fro, ascending then dropping down, but (no way) just enough.

Then it swooped up, stalled, and came down … exactly into the corner alcove…

It landed perfectly into the trashcan that I had asked for, a hole in one.

We all screamed as we jumped from our seats, TWO POINTS! And then our lesson began.

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