Measure for Measure and Our Gaping Abandon

Of blackened iron pots and high flying towers
Of rivers conniving for large yielding showers
With crude formal judgment of fine and of gross
Positioning our hind ends in front of the most

We’ve seen the bend coming as it wound fore and aft
But never once noticed the whole inner gap
Always too late while looking askance
And missing the hidden not taking a chance

We said in foresight as it laughed with the sand on
We’ll detach from the light with pure selfish abandon
Our perceptions we isolated from genuine reality
As the world stopped to be and peace was scurrility

Under the sound of our bones hardly crackling
We promptly forgot not to seek without hacking
The bones are still tinkling hung from wind-chimes
And the peace we forsook is still flipping show-times

The jealousy’s searching the snaking of rivers
The broad long and wide is cold and it quivers
The bird is now swirling with heated discard
And dodging the blows from haughty Canards

The blackened pot iron is full of roast beast
But lust that we reach with is deflected by teeth
The world is now balanced on a hymn and a rhyme
But we are none-the-wiser as we toddle through time

We learn from the bird to be flexible and light
Ready to combat the haughty and take flight
We learn from the river so calm and so coy
That beauty is clear but with jealousy destroys

Overcoming the lust with a pot and teeth blackened
Will teach us to learn with flames and then dampened
This is the formula to avoid getting buried
With all of our possessions and nothing to carry

When we seek in the circle and peace’s to be had
The pot-river-and bird will poise the world’s bad
The existing imbalance in me and you still
But whether to learn is the key to our ill

Like Korach in Numbers sixteen to eighteen
We find the whole story and read till we’re bursting
We see the ground open to swallow without glory
It’s no end to be haughty but finished is our story

Shabbat Shalom!

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